DWS 3D Printers

DWS makes high end but affordable SLA 3D printers using its vast experience from industrial printer manufacturing. They produce a range of specially designed resins, each with different characteristics specific to the required application. These include ABS like resins, flexible resins, castable resins and bio compatible dental resins.

DWS 3D Printers

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The DWS XFAB 3500 HD is an advanced SLA 3D printer that offers high speed and high precision results. Building into the XFAB series, the XFAB 3500 HD is ideal for jewellery, dentistry, and industrial design and offers a full range of DWS professional materials.


The DWS XFAB 3500SD offers professional resin prints for design and manufacturing applications. Produce detailed models and parts in a huge build envelope with the same XFAB BluEdge® laser technology. Compatible with a range of DWS range of professional materials.


The DWS XFAB 2500HD is a high-precision SLA printer designed especially for jewellery. Compatible with a wide range of resins, that offer a diverse finishes and uses for all jewellery applications.


Specially designed for industrial applications, the DWS XFAB 2500SD is a highly precise and reliable SLA printer. It offers solid design and detail thanks to its laser spot accuracy technology. Its compatiblity with a range of materials to choose from offers opportunity for every aspect of the application.


The DWS XFAB is a high-precision SLA printer utilising industrial technology. It is perfect for a wide range of applications thanks to a full set of specially developed resins. 

DWS Therma 289 Nanoceramic Resin Cartridge

DWS Therma 289 resin cartridge set of 2 for use with the XFAB 3D printer. Therma 289 is a light green nanoceramic resin for use when good thermal resistance is required. This resin is useful for making high definition models for vulcanised rubber moulds.

DWS Flexa 692 Black Rubber Like Resin Cartridge

DWS Flexa 692 resin cartridge set of 2 for use with the XFAB 3D printer. Flexa 692 is a black rubber like resin for prototyping applications. It can be used to create gaskets, handles, footwear, wearables and any other parts where rubber characteristics are required.