EnvisionTEC | E-Shell 500 Series

    The EvisionTEC E-Shell 500 Series is mostly used for the production of hearing aids and medical devices.

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    The EnvisionTEC E-Shell 500 Series

    The EnvisionTEC E-Shell 500 Series Resin is specifically designed for the production in Hearing Aid industries and is known for its soft durability. This resin is a liquid, photo-reactive acrylate for building functional parts. The E-Shell 500 Series is tough and water and persipiration-resistant. According to ISO 10993 (Medical Product Law) it is Class IIa biocompatible and is CE certified for soft ear shells and tips.

    Material Properties
    Viscosity3000 cP
    Curing10 s
    Elongation at Break60%
    Shore A87
    Tear Strength810 MPa
    Key Features
    • Appearance models with minimal finishing
    • Durable concept models with high cross linkage
    • High humidity environment applications
    • RTV patterns
    • Water resistant applications
    • Hearing aid devices manufacturing