EnvisionTEC | E-Silicone

    The EnvisionTEC E-Silicone resin is used for the production of molds for silicone otoplastics. 

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    The EnvisionTEC E-Silicone

    The EnvisionTEC E-Silicone resin is designed as a solution to produce soft silicone otoplastics through the 3D printing of cocoon molds. After the mold has dried it can then be injected with medical grade silicone materials. The eggshell-like mold may then be easily broken away, leaving a soft, flexible shell. When using this method for the preparation of hearing aids, these shells can provide increased wearing-comfort, better retention, better acoustic sealing and more gain before feedback and improved sound quality.

    Key Features
    • Hearing aid devices manufacturing
    • Silicone injection for soft Shore 30 hearing aids
    • easily breakable eggshell-like results
    Material Properties
    Viscosity170 - 220 cP at 30° C
    Density1.05 - 1.15 g/cm³
    Recommended Projector Brightness500 mW/dm2