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The EnvisionTEC LS 600 allows for very accurate parts with high feature detail on EnvisionTEC's 3D printers.

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The EnvisionTEC LS600 Resin

EnvisionTEC's LS 600 is for developed for producing very accurate parts with high feature detail on the EnvisionTEC printers. Similar to thermoplastics, this material produces parts with high impact resistance with added stability and surface quality. Tough, complex parts can be built with great detail without sacrificing any speed or durability. This resin is ideal for markets that demand accurate RTV patterns, durable concept models, accurate parts and humidity and temperature resistant parts.

Applications: Entertainment, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Education, Manufacturing

Material Properties
ASTMS MethodDescriptionValue
D638M Tensile Strength 60 MPa
D638M Tensile Modulus 1800 MPa
D638M Elongation at Break 4.39%
D2240 Hardness Shore D 85
D256A Izod Impact - Notched 0.63 J/cm3
E1545-00 Glass Transmission Temperature 61° C
D648 Heat Deflection Temperature 0.49 MPa at 57° C
1.81 MPa at 48° C
Density 140 cP at 30° C
Viscosity 368 cP at 30° C

Data sheet

Tensile Strength
60 MPa

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