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    The EnvisionTEC Q-View resin is mainly used for jewellery and consumer goods. The material can be printed in great detail, which is why it is highly effective in the printing of custom design pieces.

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    The EnvisionTEC Q-View

    The EnvisionTEC Q-View resin is the best choice for fast design verification models. The material is capable of very high print speeds for the full build envelope. The Q-View resin allows designers to print custom pieces for their customers quickly for final fit and design verification. This material can also be used as a pattern when built in high resolution to make a silicone mold.

    Applications: Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Jewellery

    Material Properties
    ASTMS MethodDescriptionValue
    D638-10Tensile Strength5160 psi
    D638-10Tensile Modulus217 psi
    D638-10Tensile Elongation at Break3.7%
    D790Flexural Strength11800 psi
    D790Flexural Modulus332 ksi
    D2240BHardness D Shore85
    D648Heat Deflection Temperature264 psi at 43.3° C
    and 66 psi at 70° C

    Data sheet

    Heat Deflection Temperature
    264 psi at 43.3° C and 66 psi at 70° C
    Tensile Strength
    5160 psi
    Tensile Modulus
    217 psi
    Flexural Strength
    11800 psi
    Flexural Modulus
    332 ksi
    Shore Hardness
    Tensile Elongation
    3.7 %