EnvisionTEC | R11

    The EnvisionTEC R11 resin produces robust, accurate and functional parts.

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    The EnvisionTEC R11 Resin

    The EnvisionTEC R11 resin boasts similar features as the R5 resin. It is a dependable material for printing functional parts. The resin is chemical resistant, has a wide processing latitude and excellent tolerance to temperature and humidity changes. Prints made from this material show superior fatigue properties and strong memory retention, as well as high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. The R11 resin offers a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality.

    Material Properties
    D2204Hardness Shore D85
    ASTMS MethodDescriptionValue
    D638MTensile Strength50 MPa
    D638MTensile Modulus1800 MPa
    D638MElongation at Break8%
    D638MElongation at Yield13%
    D638MModulus of Elasticity1245 - 1510 MPa
    D790MFlexural Strength75 MPa
    D790MFlexural Modulus2450 MPa
    D256AIzod Impact - Notched0.35 J/cm
    D570-98Water Absorption0.71%