Eureka Auto Dry Box
  • Eureka Auto Dry Box
  • Eureka Auto Dry Box
  • Eureka Auto Dry Box
  • Eureka Auto Dry Box

Eureka Auto Dry Box

Keep your filaments moisture free with the Eureka Filament Storing Dry Box: a hassle free, plug and play solution to your filament storing needs. Simply plug in the cabinet, add your filament and print. The controlled environment protects filament in the long term and reduces nozzle clogging and print failure due to mositure.

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iMakr's Verdict
The Eureka DryBox uses a molecular sieve desiccant to create a low humidity environment for filament storage, without the need to replace desiccant or empty a water tank. This is particularly useful for filaments prone to high moisture absorption including nylon, where moisture can cause nozzle clogging and print failure.

Key Features

  • Low humidity environment - protect your filament from moisture and avoid print failure due to damaged filament.
  • Four feed ports - continue printing from humidity controlled filament storage.
  • Adjustable rod - supports filament spools up to 33cm in diameter.
  • Air tight - protect filament from dust.
  • Low energy consumtion - 13w average, 100w Max.
  • No maintenance - desiccants do not need replacing and there is no water tank to empty.

What's in the Box

  • Eureka DryBox Filament Storing Cabinet.
  • Filament holding rod.
  • Power cable.

Data sheet

Internal Chamber Dimensions
32 * 46 * 32.5 cm
Filament Ports
11.4 kg
Moisture Level
≤10% RH ± 5% RH
Outer spool diameter
330 mm max.
Power Supply
220 - 240 v or 110 - 120 v, region dependant

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