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Formfutura TitanX™ 1.75mm ABS
  • Formfutura TitanX™ 1.75mm ABS

FormFutura TitanX 1.75mm ABS

TitanX™ is a revolutionary new high-performance and FDM-optimized engineering filament. TitanX™ is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects

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Large scale and high precision
TitanX™ is truly FDM-optimized as it has zero warping, a perfect interlayer adhesion and can be printed directly on a heated glass plate without any adhesives or tapes to be used. This FDM-optimization combined with a perfect filament flowing behavior, thermal stability and far above average impact resistance make TitanX™ a perfect filament for 3D printing large scale engineering objects with a remarkable fine detail.

Print high speed for a large range of 3D printers
Dependent on the size and design of the printed object, TitanX™ can be printed at elevated printing speeds.
TitanX™ has an excellent roundness and very tight diameter tolerances, which makes this filament a perfect match with all common desktop 3D printers. Printing with Titanx™ 3D printer filament will go very smoothly with basically all FFF/FDM technology based desktop 3D printers, such as the Ultimaker, WASP, UP! Plus, Up! Mini…

Key Features 

  • FDM-optimized
  • Excellent adhesion to heated glass plate, Kapton tape, PET tape and EasyPad™
  • Warp-free
  • Perfect inter-layer adhesion
  • Greatly improved mechanical properties
  • High impact resistance
  • Great thermal stability and filament flowing behavior
  • FDA food and drink contact compliant

With TitanX™ we present an industrial-grade ABS-type of 3D printer filament with unsurpassed mechanical properties which is uniquely modified with its FDM-optimization technology.

Data sheet

Product Type
3D Printing Filament
Printing Technology
Filament Diameter (mm)
Printing Temperature
245 - 260°C