TETHON 3D Flexalite
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  • TETHON 3D Flexalite

Tethon3D Flexalite 1L

Smooth and durable, Flexalite® is a semi-transparent, flexible resin for SLA/DLP 3D printers from Tethon3D. Useful for hobyists and industrial projects, the physical properties of this resin can be used for a large scope of designs and projects.

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Tethon3D is a ceramic-focused resin developer for DLP and SLA technology.
Tethon3D resins are unique, quality formulas that have been tested and developed to perform with unique properties.

Flexalite resin is a photocurable, flexible resin with transparent and low maintenance properties for specialized and exceptional prints.

Key Features:

  • Flexible, degree of flexibility is directly proportional to thickness 
  • Semi-Transparent in colour
  • No post-processing steps required
  • Smooth and soft surface finish
  • High water resistance and capable of outdoor use
  • Non-thermal and electrical conductant 

The resin, Flexalite®, is a semi-transparant and flexible resin that making it useful for hobbyists and industrial applications. Design and produce uniquely bendable prints with no post-processing steps after curing and cleaning. The soft surface quality makes it unable to shatter like standard materials. 


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