3D Printers for Jewellery

The future of jewellery design and production is here!  3D printing allows jewellery designers to innovate at a fraction of the cost of traditional prototyping methods.  Resin based printers using DLP or laser technologies use stereolithography to create high resolution, castable samples right on your desktop.  This enables designers to bypass the cost and extra time required for print bureaus and gives greater ability to control the design process.  Our selection of 3D printers and resins have been carefully selected and tested to ensure we offer only the best desktop 3D printers for the jewellery market available.


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The DWS XFAB 3500 HD is an advanced SLA 3D printer that offers high speed and high precision results. Building into the XFAB series, the XFAB 3500 HD is ideal for jewellery, dentistry, and industrial design and offers a full range of DWS professional materials.

Miicraft for Jewellery

The MiiCraft 125 series offer high precision prints at a price more than 3x cheaper than their industrial equivalents. The printer is available with a range of build volumes and projector wavelengths. The 365/385nm wavelength is best suited to Dental/Medical applications where clear prints are required. The 405nm wavelength is best suited to printing models and castable resins for jewellery.

Flashforge Hunter


DLP Hunter 3D Printer is one of the most accurate 3D printer. It allows you to create many complex models, and can be used in printing small size jewelry, especially with intricate items of between 14 and 40mm in diameter. Detailed models can be printed with castable resin, greatly reducing the amount of work required to make them.


Asiga PICO2 HD

The PICO2 HD™ is an ultra high accuracy DLP 3D printer with 27 micron pixel size. It offers unrivaled definition in printed parts with very small details made possible, perfect for jewellery production.

Asiga Freeform PRO2

The Freeform PRO2™ is a professional 3D printer for direct manufacturing applications offering high-resolution, speed and reliability in a desktop format.

B9 Core 530

New from B9Creations, the Core Series combines high resolution, ease of use and affordability to create the ultimate 3D printing solution. The Core 530 is the high resolution model of the range, with a 30 micron xy resolution and bed size of 57.6 x 32.4 mm. Ideal for jewellery making and high precision models.

B9 Core 550

New from B9Creations, the Core Series combines high resolution, ease of use and speed to create the ultimate 3D printing solution. The Core 550 offers the larger build voume in the range, with a 50 micron XY resolution and bed size of 96 x 54 mm. Ideal for multi-part manufacturing.


The DWS XFAB is a high-precision SLA printer utilising industrial technology. It is perfect for a wide range of applications thanks to a full set of specially developed resins. 

Asiga PICO2

The PICO2™ is ideal for direct manufacturing applications where precision, speed and reliability are essential. The open material system allows unrestricted choice in advanced materials from Asiga and thir-party suppliers making it the ideal choice for professional applications including jewellery manufacturing, dental prosthetics and hearing-aid production.
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MiiCraft 125


The MiiCraft 125 is the new SLA-based DLP 3D printer of the range. Ideally suited for prototyping, this machine is capable to achieve high printing results for personal as well as professional 3D printing purposes. Indeed, thanks to an easy access to advanced settings, you would be able to set the printer for various applications. 

iMakr offers a 1 year warranty on the MiiCraft 125


Specially designed for industrial applications, the DWS XFAB 2500SD is a highly precise and reliable SLA printer. It offers solid design and detail thanks to its laser spot accuracy technology. Its compatiblity with a range of materials to choose from offers opportunity for every aspect of the application.


The DWS XFAB 2500HD is a high-precision SLA printer designed especially for jewellery. Compatible with a wide range of resins, that offer a diverse finishes and uses for all jewellery applications.