Loctite 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11

The Loctite 3D printing EQ Washer DW11 is a high-performance dual wash station, designed to provide optimal cleaning results of projects made with Loctite resins. 

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The Loctite 3D printing EQ Washer DW11 is a powerful, automatic dual cleaning unit, designed for superior cleaning of projects created with Loctite resins. Place your printed part directly from the build platform into the wash station. Set your wash time and begin the automatic washing of your 3D prints. The dual washer features a rotating impeller to circulate the cleaner bidirectionally to achieve maximum cleaning. 

The Loctite 3D Printing EQ Washer DW11 is a 2-bath process used in conjunction with Loctite Cleaner C. The first bath contains the Loctite Cleaner and the second bath contains DI water for a final rinse. 


Bidirectional agitation for thorough cleaning

3 agitation speeds

Dual bath design

Individual timer per bath for optimised cleaning

Automatic basket lowering and removal

Touch screen user interface with full colour display and easy navigation

Large volume reservoir 

washer interior

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