LOCTITE 3D | Cleaner C 18L

    The Henkel LOCTITE 3D Cleaner C is a cleaning solution that is a part of the 3D printing post-processing routine used for post processing SLA/DLP parts. This is a greener post processing solution compared to IPA, the Loctite 3D Cleaner C is non-flammable at ambient temperature and is ideal for cleaning parts with incredibly small details. Cleaner C dissolves more than 15% of excess resin compared to IPA that only dissolves less that 10%.

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    Loctite Cleaner C

    Loctite Cleaner C is a greener post processing cleaning material compared to traditional IPA. Designed to clean even the smallest of details of SLA/DLP parts. Loctite Cleaner C is non-flammable at ambient temperature and water rinseable. 

    Compared to IPA, Loctite Cleaner C can dissolve over 5% more excess resin as well as reducing the chance of surface cracks and tackiness. Loctite Cleaner C will clean most SLa and DLP parts in less than 10 minutes.

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