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Materialise Magics is a Software to efficiently administer and direct the process of 3D printing. Magics reduces the lead time of your projects through a user-friendly interface and toolbox. Successfully print parts using less material and get it right the first time around. Materialise Magics is the top choice for companies and industries around the globe.

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Materialise Magics is the new software by Materialise to connect all of your software needs for 3D printing. Available with licencing tailored to your usage and experience. Dive into the opportunities this software has to offer and call us for more information or a quote.

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Easily repair errors

The Autofix feature lets the user quickly solve complex issues and the Fix Wizard stands by to give step-by-step instructions should larger errors arise. The software user keeps full control of the design with the Magics manual tools. Create a small gridded mesh with the integrated mesh enhancement tools for easy editing of the model before the print. Simply remove unnecessary triangles (the shape the mesh will take in the model) and smooth out the design without losing any details.

Image of the software being used

File editing and enhancements

Clear and simple use of editing features are made possible with Magics. Perforating and hollowing parts, even cutting with advanced cutting lines are included in the tool-set. The option to apply text and image labels give the prints a finished look. Boolean operations, such as uniting, subtracting and intersecting can be completed with the software. Turning surfaces into printable solids, modify the geometry of the model with the extrude and offset tools and mark triangles, surfaces or full shells quickly and qualitatively. The Materialise Magics software can preserve textures and colours while working with data, so comfortably edit textures and colours where it's needed.

Image of the software being used


Efficiently prepare platforms with Magics progressive positioning tools. A model of the printer can be viewed in the software to accurately define the size of the printing platform and to guarantee all planned prints fit perfectly. The Translate, Rotate, Rescale and Mirroring tools, effortlessly let the user determine the exact position, rotation and size needed. By creating no-build zones users decide where the prints should be positioned on the print platform. When printing a build with many parts, the software can automatically place the elements to save time.

Image of the software being used

Visualisation and customisation

Materialise steps up the visualisation tools with Magics. The software now boasts different shading modes, such as Shade, Triangle, Wireframe and Transparency, which can be applied individually to parts of the print. Just as the shading modes, error recognition can highlight specific parts with issues. Users have the chance to make advanced sections of their parts. Use the slice preview for exact knowledge of the sheets that will be printed. The interface is customisable to the user to easily access the tools needed. Functions or tabs that are rarely used can be hidden and ribbons, toolbars and context menus can be added. Frequently needed functions can be assigned to shortcuts for simple and quick use. The colour scheme can be changed based on user preference.

Image of the software being used

Analyse and Report

Use the Magics analysis and measurement tools for guaranteed high quality prints. With these tools users can check the thickness of their prints and measure all features to ensure everything is ready for print. Colliding parts and elements outside the platform can be avoided by using the tool for pre-print control. Analyse deviation between the model and parts to be sure the print stays within the users tolerances. Measure any feature of the part. Generate 3D PDFs and reports and embed information about parts in them by connecting the software to Word or Excel files.

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