Materialise Magics I SG Module

To effortlessly print even complicated structures, the Materialise Magics Support Generation (SG) Module offers an extensive support toolbox for Stereolithography. The Materialise Magics software is required to use this Module.

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Find the right support structure with the Materialise Magics SG Module

point support structure

Point support structure, for very small surfaces and downfacing points.

With the SG Module users can easily identify critical support areas and reduce the preparation time with the semi-automatic support generation. The software gives users easy access to create and optimise the correct structures for each individual type of geometry. Time is not only saved in the preparation of the print, efficiently remove the support and save building time using the SG Module.

Save material and time with non-solid, single-line and optionally perforated supports. Easy to remove teeth shaped part-support connections and fragmented supports, help save more time on the finish line.

contour support structure

Contour support structure, for easy removal

contour support structure

Block support structure, for large surfaces

contour support structure

Gusset support structure, for high overhangs

contour support structure

Line support structure, for thin surfaces and edges

Great SG Module Features

contour support structure

Update the orientation in real time with the support area preview. Check where the support structures are placed before the print.

contour support structure

Use the Surface Lists to keep an overview and analyse and optimise where needed.

Teeth support structure

Create a teeth-shaped structure and adjust the connection points according to your needs. Strong support, easy to remove.

Block support structure

For larger areas of support, fragment the block support for quick removal.

Perforated support structure

Diamond-shaped support structures and other perforated support structures save material use and enhance the print process.

Control the Parameters

Ensure a correct print by controlling the parameters.

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