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DSM Arnitel ID2060 HT (TPC) 1.75mm 1kg

£45.00 -50% £90.00

High quality temperature resistant and flexible thermoplastic co-polymer from global plastics supplier, DSM. Ideal for applications requiring high temperature resistance and strength, particularly within the automotive and aerospace industries.

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EinScan Discovery Pack

£770.17 -1149.166667 £1,149.17

For EinScan-SE & EinScan-SP, the Discovery pack is a valuable accessory for capturing more natural and vivid colour and more texture details in high resolution 3D data scans.

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eSun PVA 500g

£14.58 -50% £29.17

PVA is a soft and soluble in water under normal temperature.  Tested and confirmed to work with all FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers. This includes popular brands such as Makerbot (Replicator and Replicator 2, Printrbot, 

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Formfutura 1.75mm EasyFil™ PLA

£12.50 -40% £20.83

Formfutura EasyFil PLA™ filament range has an excellent roundness and very tight diameter and ovalidity tolerances, which makes this filament a perfect match with all common desktop 3D printers. Printing with EasyFil PLA™ 3D printer filament will go very smoothly with basically all desktop 3D printers.