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Asiga DentaFORM

£86.00 -20% £107.50

Asiga\'s DentaFORM resin features unique "Anti-stick" surface release chemistry and high heat resistance, making it the ideal resin for vacuum/pressure thermoforming applications.

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B9Creations - HD Slate

£103.75 -50% £207.50

Specifically formulated for printing high-detailed parts with excellent surface finish, HD Slate 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ideal for model-makers and molding.

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BASF Ultracur3D EL 150 Resin

£76.42 -30% £109.17

BASF Ultracur3D EL 150 is an elastomeric resin that has a perfect combination of high strength, high elongation at break and rebound. It has excellent performance abilities suitable for most applications.

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BASF Ultracur3D EL 60 Resin

£63.00 -30% £90.00

BASF Ultracur3D EL 60 is an elastomeric resin that has a quick elastic response making it idea for applications requiring flexibility and elasticity. Featuring superior elongation at break, its easy to print with and can produce fine structured geometries.

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BASF Ultracur3D FL 60 Resin

£51.92 -30% £74.17

BASF Ultracur3D FL 60 is a flexible resin featuring low hardness and good haptics. With a stable, clear-white appearance, this resin is perfect for prototypes and functional parts.

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BASF Ultracur3D RG 1100 Resin

£70.00 -30% £100.00

BASF RG 1100 is an exceptionally rigid resin which features high chemical resistance and low water uptake making it perfect for applications where contact with oils and chemicals is inevitable. RG 1100 is ideal for automotive and electrical housings.

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BASF Ultracur3D RG 35 Resin

£63.00 -30% £90.00

BASF Ultracur3D RG 35 is a rigid, high performance resin. Features high stiffness and high temperature resistance. The resin has low water uptake and is easy to polish.

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BASF Ultracur3D RG 50 Resin

£63.58 -30% £90.83

Ultracur3D RG 50, a rigid high performance resin, designed to create parts requiring high accuracy. The resin has low shrinkage and little to no water uptake. 

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BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 B

£57.75 -30% £82.50
BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 B, a black, tough, multi purpose resin featuring optimum toughness and processing speed. Suitable for prototypes and functional end-use parts, the black colouring of the resin provides a good surface finish.
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BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 M Resin

£57.75 -30% £82.50

BASF Ultracur3D ST 45 M is a clear, tough, multi purpose resin that has a lower curing depth than Ultracur3D ST 45, giving it better Z resolution. Ultracur3D ST 45 M is ideal for production of high performance, functional parts.