Tethon3D Castalite 1L
  • Tethon3D Castalite 1L
  • Tethon3D Castalite 1L
  • Tethon3D Castalite 1L

Tethon3D Castalite 1L

Produce ceramic shell molds that can be used for direct metal casting with Castalite® from Tethon3D. This revolutionary resin can be used to cast and shape precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, and aluminium, reducing time and money with high-quality results. Castalite resin is a technological breakthrough for ceramic 3D printing.

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Tethon3D is a ceramic-focused resin developer for DLP and SLA technology.
Tethon3D resins are unique, quality formulas that have been tested and developed to perform with unique properties. 

Castalite is a premium investment casting resin with thermal shock tolerances that allows you directly cast metal in your molds. 

Key Features:

  • Designed for ceramic and sand-like molds for metal investment
  • Thermal shock tolerance
  • Can be cast directly after burn-out process
  • Compatible for use in wide range of industrial casting techniques
  • Elminates need for traditional lost-wax casting, reducing costs and saving time

To view specific printing recommendations and burn out instructions CLICK HERE.

Castalite must reach a certain temperature for the parts to be strong enough to grab onto when they are hot. It is necessary for Castalite to be fired in a vented kiln, slowly between 300 -1100*F or (150*C - 595*C).  


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