Master Your 3D Printer (Half Day)
  • Master Your 3D Printer (Half Day)

Master Your 3D Printer (Whole Day)

You've bought the printer, now you need to master its use. This training session is designed to help you understand the finer points of your new printer, so you can start producing fabulous 3D prints.  The full day course allows for larger groups of up to 10 people. The session can take place at your location or at the iMakr store. 
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This course is aimed at any makers who want to get more out of their 3D printer.  If you're new to 3D printing and have just bought a printer, this course will provide an invaluable introduction to the process of preparing a 3D file for print and to your new 3D printer.  If you are already somewhat experienced and want to gain a deeper understanding of your machine, the contents of the course will help you become a true master of your machine.


There are two reasons to choose a full day course:

  • You want to train a large group. This course is most effective when all participants have a chance to get hand-on work with a printer.  This is only possible in a large group with more time.  Two back to back half day trainings can be a good choice in this case.
  • You need to earn your stripes.  If you and your team are relatively new to 3D printing then there's no subsititute for practice.  A full day gives you time to embed the lessons of the day.


This is a hands on course that requires full participation of its attendees.  As such, all attendees will need access to a computer.  In its basic form, the training will cover the following:

  • Preparing your design to print. Not all 3D designs are fit to print. We'll guide you through the process of modifying your design so its fit to print on your machine.
  • Learning to use your slicer. Slicing a file for a specific machine is both an art and a science.  This vital portion of the course will guide you from model orientation to support application to infill.
  • Operating your printer. Each 3D printer has its own unique printing charactaristics and we'll work with you to get the most out of yours.  You'll learn levelling, build plate preparation, filament loading and more.
  • Maintaining your printer. 3D printers require regular maintenance and attention to keep running at full capacity. We'll give you the basic knowledge of cleaning, unclogging and more to ensure you keep printing.


Please email us 24 hours before your training day if you wish to cancel or rebook.