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TreeD Structura MA 1kg


Structura MA from TreeD is an orthopedic 3D filament composed of Polyamide Carbon Fiber. This black filament enables you the production of light limb prosthetics, mobility supports and exoskeletal elements with high strengh.

TreeD Fortis LL 750g


Fortis LL from TreeD is a 3D filament for orthopaedic applications. Made of polyolefin matrix, this filament ensures exceptional lightweight and elasticity. It is an ideal material for printing busts, corrective corsets and upperleg tutors. 


TreeD Verum T 800g

Verum T from TreeD is an orthopaedics 3D filament based on polyester matrix. This material provides printed pieces with excellent rigidity and high tenacity. Its properties enable the sterelization in autoclave at 125°C.