Ultimaker Spare Parts

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Ultimaker Spare Parts

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Upgraded parts. Development has worked hard and is proud to introduce you the new extruder drive mechanism. It’s a derivative of the design of Bertho’s on Thingiverse. It has quite a few benefits over the old one.

Ultimaker 2 Olsson Block Kit

The Olsson Block is a new hotend for Ultimaker 2. This upgrade allows for quick and easy nozzle changes so different nozzle sizes can be selected to suit each project. This makes it possible to achieve much more detailed prints or considerably faster extrusion rates depending on the nozzle you choose.

Ultimaker 2: Hot End Isolator


This is the Ultimaker 2 hot end isolator. It is the connection between the PTFE coupler and the nozzle + heater block. It is also included in the Ultimaker 2 hot end bundle.

This part is ONLY compatible with the Ultimaker 2.