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Tiertime 3D Printers

iMakr are pleased to present the new range of Up! 3D Printers from Tiertime. These user-friendly desktop printers offer an ideal solution for school, home or office. These affordable 3D printers come packed with features such as smart-support technology, advanced materials -- ABS, PLA, polycarbonate, bronze -- updated powerful software, touch screen control, automatic nozzle height detection with sofware-assited calibration and secure Wifi.

Tiertime 3D Printers

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Tiertime X5

Welcome to continuous 3D printing with the X5. The X5 was designed from ground up for low-volume manufacturing. With the ability to feed up to 12 plates onto its build platform and reloading during printing, it provides a continious printing experience.


The UP300 is best suited for low-batch, heavy manufacturing. Its material-specific extruders offer versatility and precision where its double sided and interchangeable build plates create efficiency.

UP Mini 2 ES


This UP mini 2 ES is a small but mighty 3D printer featuring all new hardware and software like LCD touchscreen, wireless connectivity, and HEPA filter.This desktop 3D printer is great for use in schools, universities, or even at home. 

Up! Box+

A game changer in the market, the much sought after Up Box+ combines affordability with advanced features, making it a world leading educational machine! Print ABS parts up to 255 x 205 x 205mm (10 X 8 X 8 in) inside the fully enclosed chamber with HEPA filtration.

iMakr offer a 1 year warranty on the Up Box +.