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Moai Resins 

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Peopoly's Moai greatly broadened the world of SLA 3D printing, with its affordable, accesible price. These are the low-cost resins that Peopoly make to accompany their printer.

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    The Moai HiTemp Resin by Peopoly is specially crafted to withstand temperatures as high as 180°C. This resistance to high temperatures makes it ideal for experimenting with mould designs. Best used with the Moai 3D SLA Laser Printer, its superior surface finish makes it quintessential for small sculptures.

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    The material PeoResin is a profesionnal UV resin for high accurate 3D printing. Optimized for Moai's 405nm UV laser, this resin is available in blue, gray, white, neon green, clear, black and red.

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