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3D Printing for Jewellery

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Streamline your prototyping process and reduce costs

3D printing allows jewellery designers to innovate at a fraction of the cost of traditional prototyping methods. Resin based printers using DLP or laser technologies use stereolithography to create high resolution and castable samples.

3D printing adds new ways to create jewellery. Direct castable resins allow you to create vulcanized rubber molds. The mold is then used with wax, like in the traditionnal methods. The rest of the manufacturing process stays the same.

With 3D printing, you add new methods in the process of creating jewellery, but do not lose the human element. The jeweller still expresses his talent int the design of the piece and in the process of producing jewellery.

  • Quick and easy prototyping
  • Perfect for details and surface inspection
  • Castable prints
  • DLP or LASER technology to solidify resin


iMakr Expertise

iMakr is ready to help you include 3D printing into your existing process. We have a vast knowledge about the 3D printing industry. That is why we have helped jewellers to combine this technology with their expertise of jewellery, since the beginning of the 3D printing revolution.

iMakr is working with trusted brands of 3D printers and resin manufacturers. All 3D printer models have been tested by our engineers to ensure quality and reliability.

Our selection of 3D printers and resins have been carefully selected and tested to ensure we offer only the best desktop 3D printers for the jewellery market available.

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Benefits of 3D printing


Rely on dependable results for production

Once you create the 3D file of your jewellery, it contains all the information to produce perfect prints. You can produce as many pieces as you want for each design. With 3D printing in your manufacturing process, you can guarantee large scale production and large scale customisation.

Modify files easily

With a 3D file, you can easily apply modifications. You can print a plastic prototype of your jewellery to check the quality of your design. Then edit the file in a 3D modelling software to create the final version. Your final piece can be casted in the metal of your choice.



Print high resolution details

3D printers can now achieve unsurpassed surface smoothness and part precision, making them perfect tools for jewellers. With printers capable of a few tens of microns precision, the results are incredibly defined.

Reduce costs

With 3D printing, prototyping has never been so easy. 3D printers can create hard resin jewellery prototypes, perfect for fitting. Adjust the last details and cast the final jewellery in metal. With 3D printing prototyping, design improvements and production are cheaper and faster than ever.



Specialists of 3D printing for Jewellery

B9Creations was the first to combine high-resolution, easy casting, and affordability in the jewellery industry. B9Creations machines have rapidly become trusted by jewellers, using stereolithography to convert liquid resin into solid objects of unbelievable definition and clarity.

Asiga gained international recognition with Pico and Pro platforms that continue to lead their respective categories to this day. Asiga 3D Printers are perfect for a wide range of jewellery applications, including design verification, rubber mold making or investment casting.

MiiCraft’s SLA-based DLP 3D printers are designed for professionals looking for a high resolution desktop printing solution. The MiiCraft series offer high precision prints and offers a wide range of build volumes and projector wavelengths.

DWS makes high end but affordable SLA 3D printers using its experience from industrial printer manufacturing. They produce a range of specially designed resins, including jewellery dedicated resins.



Materials for jewellery

B9Creations Resins

B9Creations produces resins for 20 - 50 micron layer thickness. Printed piece can be primed and painted. Printed parts may be used to create vulcanized rubber molds or silicone molds.

Asiga Resins

Asiga produces direct-cast resins for super-smooth castings and efficient burn-out. SuperCAST is a superior resolution wax material allowinf faster prints. SuperWAX is a high resolution material that melts like wax.

Miicraft Resins

Miicraft castable resins are ideal for direct or fast investment.They offer defined parts and perfect burn-out. They are non-transparent and could be used for an easy surface or detail checking.


DWS Resins

DWS intelligent cartridges offers quick material change, no leakages and no need of handling liquids. Their wax-like resins are perfect for lost-wax casting applications.

Fun To Do Resins

Castable Fun To Do resin has been designed to cast pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard investment casting methods. It is an ideal resin for casting jewellery and pieces of art.

MakerJuice Resins

MakerJuice produces high quality printing resin for direct investment casting applications. It was indeed tested and used by wide range of jewellers across the world, for you to easily implement 3D printing within your business.


Software for jewellers



All 3SHAPER software use subdivision modelling so that designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay. PHENIX is ideal for advanced modelling and includes dedicated jewellery functions.



All 3SHAPER software use subdivision modelling so that designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay. ESSENTIAL is an intuitive software with powerful tools to create accessories, products and sculptures.



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