Forbrugsvarer til 3D-print

Vores forbrugsvarer (materialer) til 3D-print omfatter filament til FDM / FFF, resin til SLA, DLP og MSLA samt pulver til SLS.

3D-print anvendes i stor udstrækning til fremstilling af prototyper, men i takt med at materialerne bliver flere og bedre, går udviklingen imod 3D-print af funktionelle og brugsklare produkter. Derfor arbejder vi løbende på at gøre det nemmere at vælge blandt forbrugsvarerne efter deres egenskaber, og i menuen til venstre kan du derfor sortere vores materialer til 3D-print efter teknologi og dernæst egenskaber, materialetype eller varemærke.

Forbrugsvarer til 3D-print

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Apium PEI 9085 1,75mm 500g

1.164,00 kr.

The filament PEI 9085 from Apium is an engineering plastic material that offers high strength resistance. Its properties, similar to PEEK\'s gives you a significant advantage on your production at an affordable price. PEI filament is the solution for applications in aircraft, electronics and automotive industries.

Anisoprint - Smooth PA - 750g

812,00 kr.

Smooth PA is a carbon fiber-filled polyamide filament by Anisoprint. Smooth PA is used specifically for the exterior of a part to create a stronger shell and display a matte look with a sleek surface.

Anisoprint CFC PA 1,75mm 750g

796,00 kr.

CFC PA by Anisoprint is specifically designed to be used with their continuous fiber co-extrusion process (CFC). This premium polyamide filament has a low moisture absorption rate and lower viscosity for improved co-extrusion with carbon fiber strands.

Verbatim PP Filament 1.75 mm

288,00 kr.

Verbatim PP is a high heat-resistant 3D printer filament that was engineered for reliable and high-quality prints. It is manufactured to very tight tolerances, to ensure consistent filament feeding during the printing process and stable prints to finish. This filament is used for a wide variety of industrial projects including tooling and prototyping.

Verbatim PET Filament 1.75 mm

288,00 kr.

Verbatim PET is an easy-to-print filament with high impact strength. In addition to be hydrophobic and its excellent flexibility, this filament prints with almost no warping or shrinkage and is odour neutral. It is an ideal material for mechanics concept modelling, food containers as well as medical objects. As with all Verbatim filaments it is made to high quality control standards and tight tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.

B9Creations Emerald

1.320,00 kr.

Developed as an improvement to B9R-1-Cherry based on feedback from jewelers. B9R-3-Emerald provides clean burnout without staining the investment, enables casting of thicker objects, and prints with excellent detail to show the finest features of any design. 

Pro3dure GR-10 Guide 1kg

2.156,00 kr.

GR-10 from Pro3dure is a clear biocompatible resin ideal for a number of medical applications including the production of dental guides and hearing aids.