Pulver til SLS

SLS 3D printing works by using a laser to solidify powder into the desired build. According to the powder used, the print might be flexible, strong, or somewhere in between. iMakr have identified the best range of SLS powders for you to get started with SLS 3D printing.

Pulver til SLS

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Sinterit PA12 Smooth SLS-pulver 2kg (frisk)

1.976,00 kr.

A high-quality general purpose PA12 Nylon powder for use with the Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro SLS 3D printers. The new V2 version has a lower refresh ratio of 26%. This is virgin powder which is used to refresh the properties of used powder.

Includes Free Shipping.

Sinterit Flexa Soft TPU SLS-pulver 2kg

3.296,00 kr.

Sinterit\'s Flexa Soft Powder is the softest Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer (TPU) in the Sinterit range. Its exceptional softness can be used in fields such as design and medicine. The Sinterit Flexa soft powder provides excellent surface finish and highly detailed parts with adjustable hardness. It\'s 100% reusable.

Sinterit PA11 Onyx SLS-pulver 2kg (frisk)

2.096,00 kr.
PA11 Onyx Powder is a high-strength Nylon material with superior thermal resistance and durability through light, UV, and weather. Produce robust parts with impact-proof elements like enclosures, hinges and more with confidence in this Polyamide powder.