DWS resins are high performance materials suitable for various industries such as Dental, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Jewelry, Design and more.

The Flexa series is ideal for rapid prototyping, production of elastomeric objects and product components.

The Vitra series can solidly and precisely reproduce the characteristics of glass, crystal and transparent plastics.

The Therma series includes nanoceramic materials, developed for applications where resistance to thermal stress is required.

The Invicta series has been developed specifically for final production and nested functional parts. Precision and dimensional stability, as well as impact resistance, distinguish the materials of the Invicta series.

The Precisa series is designed for prototypes with ultra-smooth and detailed surfaces, which require high resolution and precision.

The Fusia series has been specially developed for detailed parts requiring the highest possible resolution such as: lost wax casting of jewelry, fashion accessories, industrial and dental applications.

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