Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

Create customised orthoses and prostheses for your patients with this selected range of 3D printers. Combine with a 3D scanner and bring the complete solution 'in-house' to your lab or practice to offer affordable, personalised care.

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Orthopaedics and Prosthetics

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Apium P220

The Apium P220 is a forerunner 3D printer and sets a new standard in high performance polymer additive manufacturing. Print in technical polymers like PEEK, PEI and more. Choose from a compact or medium size and with standard or advanced features to fit your operation needs.

Builder Extreme 2000 Pro

190.000,00 kr.

The Builder Extreme 2000 PRO is one of the biggest FDM 3D printers on the market with a build volume of 700 x 700 x 1700 mm, so big you can print a person on it. Its dual-feed extruder and colour mix technology set this machine apart from others, giving its users a creative advantage in design, architecture, manufacturing and more.

Builder Extreme 1000 Pro

152.000,00 kr.

Featuring one of the largest build volumes on the market today, the Builder Extreme 1000 Pro enables you to 3D print large-scale models and prototypes quickly and reliably.

Includes FREE shipping.

Apium | M220

The Apium M220 Printer is the first in the world to be specifically designed for the manufacturing of medical products and implants made from the 3D printing material PEEK. This printer is a cost-effective solution to manufacture customised implants.

Delta WASP 2040 Industrial X

32.536,00 kr.

The Delta Wasp 2040 Industrial X assures a quick process of manufacturing components whilst using strong technical materials. This process is successful due to the 3D printer features such as its heated chamber and cooling system.