3DXTech CarbonX™ CF PC 1,75mm 750g

3DXTech's CarbonX CF PC is a high-quality polycarbonate filament reinforced with carbon fibres to give excellent strength and stiffness.

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CarbonX CF PC is a high-performance carbon fibre reinforced polycarbonate 3D printing filament. 3DXTech have added premium chopped carbon fibre to create a polycarbonate filament with increased strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. A great all-rounder for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • High Thermal Resistance: Tg of 147°C
  • Great surface quality
  • Excellent strength and stiffness

Guideline Print Settings

Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureHeated Build ChamberBed Adhesion
280-310°C 110-120°C Recommended Kapton tape or gluestick on glass

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