LOCTITE 3D | 5015 Silicone

The Henkel LOCTITE® 3D 5015 silicone is very unique which means that it bonds to itself, eliminating any of the "layer to layer" interface problems during the light cure application.

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LOCTITE® 3D 5015 is a single component light-curable silicone specifically designed for prototyping via stereolithography or layer-by-layer additive manufacturing. It is of low viscosity yet a high-performance silicone that upon exposure to light, cures into a tough silicone elastomer.

Loctite 5015 Features:

  • Flexible
  • Fast cure speed
  • Self-leveling
  • Low shrinkage

Loctite 5015 Specifications:

  • Technology: Stereolithography 3D Resin
  • Appearance: Clear
  • Chemical Type: Silicone
  • Odor: Mild
  • Cure: Ultraviolet / Visible Light
  • Viscosity: Low
  • Application: Prototyping

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