LOCTITE 3D 8195 Elastomeric

    Henkel Loctite 3D 8195 is an elastomeric 3D printing resin is designed for functional prototyping via stereolithography. It is formulated to have firm compression properties with extremely quick rebound performance to emulate soft rubber materials. It can be printed with high-resolution and excellent surface finish across various SLA and DLP printer platforms.

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    3D LOCTITE® 8195 is a single-component, light-curing acrylic resin or digital for prototyping by stereolithography (SLA) light processing (DLP) may be used. LOCTITE® 3D 8195 is utilised to emulate an elastomer with medium hardness and solid compression characteristics with extremely fast rebound behavior to soft rubber materials. It is used for printing at room temperature for various laser SLA and DLP platforms.

    • 1-part elastomeric material
    • Medium Durometer (Shore 60A)
    • High rebound resilience/ high energy return
    • Excellent surface finish across various printer platforms with fast printing

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