Peopoly Phenom L

    Peopoly have scaled-up their successful Phenom printer to bring us the Phenom L. Featuring a 40% larger build volume compared to the standard Phenom, the Phenom L is one of the largest desktop resin 3D printers on the market today, and at an affordable price point. Ideal for designers, manufacturers and engineers, the Phenom L is a fantastic addition to the Phenom range.

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    iMakr Verdict:

    Following-on from the successful introduction of their highly-anticipated Phenom printer, Peopoly have scaled-up the original model and released the Phenom L. Featuring a significantly larger build volume than the standard Phenom printer, as well as the modular design, MSLA technology and open resin system of the Phenom range, the Phenom L is a fantastic addition to any design office or prototyping workshop.

    Key Features of the Peopoly Phenom Range:
    MSLA Technology

    Phenom LED

    Phenom MSLA

    Unlike the Moai printers, the Phenom range uses MSLA technology which utilises an LED array light-source and an LCD photomask. Similarly to DLP, the layer image is displayed as square pixels. Individual pixels are deactivated on the LCD in order to allow light from the LED array to pass through and photo-cure the resin. Instead of the layer being traced by a laser - as used in the SLA Moai printers - each layer is printed in one flash (exposure), thus significantly reducing the print time.

    ChituBox Slicing Software

    Phenom Software Arrange

    Phenom Software Hollow

    Phenom Software Support

    The Peopoly Phenom range utilises the popular and well-established ChituBox slicing software. Useful features include: Auto-arrangement of models on the build plate, automatic and manual support structure generation, model editing such as Hollowing - which is great for reducing the amount of resin used and improving print reliability.

    Modular Design

    The Phenom range is designed and built with future upgrade options in mind. It's modular design ensures that it will be compatible with future upgrades and add-ons such as cooling or lighting systems.

    Peopoly Phenom Build Plate

    Peopoly Resin For Phenom

    Resin Options

    The Deft resin has been developed by Peopoly to be ideally suited to the specifications of the Phenom range and LCD printing. Designed to be cured with lower energy requirements, it can print larger objects faster.

    The Phenom is also compatible with other suitable third-party 405nm UV resins.

    Large-scale Resin Printing with the Peopoly Phenom L


    Printing Technology
    Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
    345.6 X 194.4 X 400 MM
    Material type
    Peopoly Deft range and any suitable 405nm third-party resins
    XY Resolution
    3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD 4K)
    525 x 395 x 780 mm
    File Format
    USB, Ethernet
    Printer Software
    Software Compatibility
    Windows, MacOS, Linux
    Shipping Dimensions
    910 x 580 x 510 mm
    Shipping Weight

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