Sinterit Flexa Bright TPU SLS-pulver 2kg

    The Sinterit TPU Flexa Bright Powder is a white, rubber material that users can dye to other colours. Use this functional flexible powder with your Sinterit SLS printer to create prototypes and production parts with equal parts flexibility and durability. It's 100% reusable.

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    Key Properties :

    • Flexible
    • Dyeable
    • Brightly coloured
    • Hardness in Shore A scale : 79
    • Tensile Strength : 10.0 [MPa]
    • Elongation at Break : 317%

    Applications :

    • Pre-surgery and training printouts in the medical industry 
    • Flexible prototypes 
    • Clothing parts 
    • Mock-ups and models

    Sinterit Flexa Bright 1

    Sinterit Flexa Bright 2

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    Printing Technology
    Material type
    Soft and Flexible