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Discover iMakr's wide range of high-quality resins for SLA 3D Printing sorted by type, including high-resolution resins or flexible resins

Resins by Type

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Loctite 3D MED413 HDT60 Tough


Loctite MED413 is a medical grade resin with excellent flexural and tensile properties. Ideal for a wide range of impact resistant medical devices such as hearing aids. Fully sterilisable and biocompatible

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Peopoly Neo Clear Resin 1kg


Transparent resin specifically developed for the Phenom range of 3D printers by Peopoly.

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Peopoly Deft Resin 1kg


Deft resin from Peopoly is designed for use with the Peopoly Phenom MSLA and other large-volume LCD resin 3D printers for fast and easy printing.

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LOCTITE 3D | IND405 HDT50 High Elongation - 1 Litre


LOCTITE 3D IND405 HDT50 High Elongation is a tough, high impact resistant resin with a great surface finish. An extremely durable material which excels in applications such as tool production, manufacturing aids and final parts.

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