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Discover iMakr's wide range of high-quality resins for SLA 3D Printing sorted by type, including high-resolution resins or flexible resins

Resins by Type

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Tethon3D Genesis 1 L


Genesis® from Tethon3D is a photopolymer development resin base used for the experimentation in developing photocurable resins for SLA/DLP 3D printers. This resin needs to be combined with solid powders as it does not print as is.

B9Creations - HD Slate


Specifically formulated for printing high-detailed parts with excellent surface finish, HD Slate 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ideal for model-makers and molding.

BASF Ultracur3D FL 60 Resin


BASF Ultracur3D FL 60 is a flexible resin featuring low hardness and good haptics. With a stable, clear-white appearance, this resin is perfect for prototypes and functional parts.

BASF Ultracur3D EL 150 Resin


BASF Ultracur3D EL 150 is an elastomeric resin that has a perfect combination of high strength, high elongation at break and rebound. It has excellent performance abilities suitable for most applications.

LOCTITE 3D | IND475 A60 High Rebound


The LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound is suitable for applications where resilience and tear resistance is required for example lattice structures and functional prototyping. Available in Black or White. The material properties and the ease of printing make the LOCTITE 3D IND475 A60 High Rebound a superior choice for elastomeric applications.

Saremco Crowntec 500g


Saremco Crowntec is specially optimised for the manufacture of highly biocompatible permanent restorations. This resin is designed for permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and artificial teeth. Available in 12 stunning colours to achieve the perfect colour match.

Saremco Denturetec 500g


Saremco Denturetec is designed for producing denture bases. It is highly biocompatible and produces highly precise models quickly and easily. Saremco Denturebase is an outstanding resin to choose for all types of denture bases.