PEI (Ultem)

This high performance flame retardant thermoplastic is renowned for its dimensional stability and exhibits high mechanical and thermal resistance. Its properties make it an ideal material for metal replacement.

Industries: Automotive, Medical, Aeronautics, Electronics, Aerospace etc.

Applications: Medical devices, probe boxes, kitchen utensils, electrical switches etc.

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Apium | PEI 9085 1.75mm 500g

The filament PEI 9085 from Apium is an engineering plastic material that offers high strength resistance. Its properties, similar to PEEK\'s gives you a significant advantage on your production at an affordable price. PEI filament is the solution for applications in aircraft, electronics and automotive industries.

3DXTech FibreX™ Ultem 9085


3DXTech FibreX™ Ultem 9085 is a high-quality (PEI) filament with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties, as well as great dimensional stability. An ideal choice for a range of demanding applications.