Known formerly as EnvisionTEC, renowned 3D printer and resin manufacturer ETEC, offers premium resins which are ideal for end-use part production and prototyping and are perfect for printing strong, precise and detailed models. These are quality materials that offer dimensional stability and a quality surface finish.

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer goods, Education, Jewelry, Entertainment, Industrial production, Architecture & Art, Electronics.

The ETEC range for the Dental and Medical Devices sector are materials approved by the FDA and CE (Medical Products Act). These high resolution resins are durable, resilient and adaptable to the needs of patients.

Applications: crowns, bridges, hearing aids, mouth guards etc.

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EnvisionTEC R5

EnvisionTEC has developed a wide range of materials with specific formulations for DLP technology, ensuring you high quality results.
The material R5 is a liquid pohotopolymer resin for rigid and functional prints. R5 is the ideal solution for industries as Entertainment or Consumer Goods requiring humidity and temperature resistant parts.

EnvisionTEC | E-Guide

The EnvisionTEC E-Guide Resin is a biocompatible Class I material. It was developed for the production of high precision surgical drill guides that are used for implant surgery.