EnvisionTEC | E-Shell 200 Series

The E-Shell 200 Series is available in multiple colours. The material is used for the production of hearing aids.

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EnvisionTEC E-Shell 200 Series

The EnvisionTEC E-Shell 200 Series is a low viscosity liquid photopolymer that produces strong, tough, water-resistent ABS like parts incredibly detailed that are Class 11a biocompatible, according to ISO 10993/Medical Product Law and are CE certified for use as hearing aid products, otoplastics or medical devices. The resin is available in mulitple colours to suit various skin tones, however the exact colouring can be customised. Because of their opaque appearance, similar to production plastics, the resin can easily be used for non-medical applications. The resin was designed specifically for applications in the Medical Device and Hearing Aid industries and is CE marked as a medical product. The E-Shell 200 Series mimics traditional engineering plastics ABS, which makes it usable in many other non-hearing-aid applications.

Applications: Hearing Aid, Medical Devices

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Material Properties
ASTM MethodDescriptionValue
D638M Tensile Strength 57.8 MPa
D638M Elongation at Break 6%
D638M Elongation at Yield 3.2%
D638M Modulus of Elasticity 2400 MPa
D638M Poisson's Ratio 0.21
D790M Flexural Strength 109 MPa
D790M Flexural Modulus 2300 MPa
D256A Izod Impact - Notched 21.1 J/cm
D570 - 98 Water Sorption 0.12%
D-149-97a Dielectric Strength 14.6
E1545-00 Glass Transition Temperature 109° C
Key Features
  • Tough function prototypes
  • Appearance models with minimal finishing
  • Durable concept models with high cross linkage
  • High humidity environment applications
  • RTV patterns
  • Water resistance applications
  • Hearing aid devices manufacturing

Data sheet

Tensile Strength
57.8 MPa
Flexural Strength
109 MPa
Flexural Modulus
2300 MPa
Elongation at Yield
3.2 %

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