Shining3D AutoScan Sparkle

Shining3D Autoscan Sparkle 3D scanner has been exclusively designed to scan detailed jewellery pieces. Easily produce CAD/CAM files from 3D scans of your jewellery to save time and money in both design and production.
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Shining3D AutoScan Sparkle

Exclusively designed to scan detailed jewellery pieces. Use Shining3D AutoScan Sparkle to scan your jewellery and use the CAD/CAM files to re-design, repair or manufacture new pieces. Shining3D AutoScan Sparkle 3D scanner can also be used to reverse engineer your jewellery and create highly accurate moulds and castings.



Scan fine detail- Utilise the dual 5MP camera to 3D scan small and complex objects without losing any of the precise design details

Automatic scanning- AutoScan Sparkle features 3-axis scanning and is fully automated, producing 3D scans quickly and easily

JewelScan software- Specially created software JewelScan features a user-friendly interface and allows you to effortlessly export 3D data to CAD/CAM systems like Matrix, Rhino, JewelCAD and more

Metrology-grade accuracy- Blue light 3D scanning technology ensures metrology-grade scan accuracy within 10╬╝m



Example Applications

Jewellery design

Jewellery replication

Jewellery repair

Create 3D printed casting and moulds

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