Filament efter Varemærker

Hos iMakr samarbejder vi med en række førende producenter af filament til 3D-print, som fx amerikanske 3DXTech og tyske Apium, og vi afprøver løbende produkterne for at holde os ajour med kvaliteten og de printerindstillinger, der giver et godt resultat.

Via menuen til venstre kan du vælge filament til 3D-print sorteret efter producenter og varemærker.

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Cubicon PLA 1.75mm Cubicon PLA 1.75mm
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Cubicon PLA 1.75mm

344,00 kr.

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is an environmentally friendly thermoplastic polymer, more specifically from corn starch or sugar cane. It tends to naturally break down in about three to six months. PLA can also deform at a high temperature. Outside of 3D printing, PLA is also used to produce parts and prototypes like medical implants, food packaging, and disposable tableware.

Apium CFR PEEK 4000 1,75mm 500g

2.724,00 kr.

Kulfiberforstærket PEEK (Polyetheretherketon) filament til 3D print. Ny udgave med hele 30 % kulfiber og forberede mekaniske egenskaber. Yderst robust, formstabil og kemisk modstandsdygtig. Spole med sporbart løbenummer, velegnet til produktionsformål.

eSun PVA 500g

29,17 kr.

PVA is a soft and soluble in water under normal temperature.  Tested and confirmed to work with all FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers. This includes popular brands such as Makerbot (Replicator and Replicator 2, Printrbot, 

Verbatim PP Filament 1.75 mm

288,00 kr.

Verbatim PP is a high heat-resistant 3D printer filament that was engineered for reliable and high-quality prints. It is manufactured to very tight tolerances, to ensure consistent filament feeding during the printing process and stable prints to finish. This filament is used for a wide variety of industrial projects including tooling and prototyping.

Verbatim PET Filament 1.75 mm

0,00 kr.

Verbatim PET is an easy-to-print filament with high impact strength. In addition to be hydrophobic and its excellent flexibility, this filament prints with almost no warping or shrinkage and is odour neutral. It is an ideal material for mechanics concept modelling, food containers as well as medical objects. As with all Verbatim filaments it is made to high quality control standards and tight tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.

3DXTech FibreX™ PEEK GF20 1.75mm 500g

2.568,00 kr.

High-performance PEEK filament reinforced with 20% glass fibre, FibreX™ PEEK GF20 has outstanding thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, with improved dimensional stability. Manufactured in the USA by 3DXTech.

Apium PEEK 4000 1,75mm 500g

2.476,00 kr.

The PEEK 4000 filament from Apium is a pure PEEK material that offers high strength resistance. The material is defined by the improved layer adhesion it offers, resulting in improved mechanical properties. The Apium PEEK 4000 comes on a spool of 500g with a thickness of 0.175 mm.

Colour: Natural


664,00 kr.

High-quality ESD-safe ABS filament made in the USA by 3DXTech, 3DXSTAT ESD ABS is ideal for ESD-sensitive applications such as electronics housings, connectors and fixtures, and also end-of-arm tooling and sensors.

Apium PEEK GFR 1.75mm 500g

2.712,00 kr.

Glasfiberforstærket PEEK (Polyetheretherketon) filament til 3D-print. Yderst robust, formstabil og kemisk modstandsdygtig. Spole med sporbart løbenummer, velegnet til produktionsformål.