Anisoprint have over ten years experience in composite manufacturing. They produce carbon fibre 3D Printers producing parts capable of replacing traditional metal ones, cutting cost and increase productivity. The Anisoprint range features both desktop and industrial 3D Printer options along with compatible filaments optimised to get the best out of your machine.

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Anisoprint - Smooth PA - 750g


Smooth PA is a carbon fiber-filled polyamide filament by Anisoprint. Smooth PA is used specifically for the exterior of a part to create a stronger shell and display a matte look with a sleek surface.

Anisoprint - CFC PA - 750g


CFC PA by Anisoprint is specifically designed to be used with their continuous fiber co-extrusion process (CFC). This premium polyamide filament has a low moisture absorption rate and lower viscosity for improved co-extrusion with carbon fiber strands.