Anisoprint Composite Basalt Fibre (CBF) Spool

    Composite Basalt Fibre filament for the Anisoprint range of Composite Fibre Co-extrusion printers.

    750 metre spool.

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    Anisoprint Composite Basalt Fibre spools are made of thousands of ultra-thin basalt mono-filaments which are impregnated with a special polymer composition, ensuring high-quality adhesion between the printed polymers and the fibre. Composite fibre is used to reinforce the plastic during FFF 3D printing.

    Composite Basalt Fibre offers the following benefits:

    • 15 times stiffer and stronger than normal plastic
    • Strength-to-weight ratio is more than 2 times higher than for 2024-T351 Aluminum
    • 5 times lighter than steel and strong as stainless steel