3D Scanners

iMakr is a gold status partner of Artec and EinScan 3D Scanners. Industry-trusted, with unrivalled quality and user experience, Artec & EinScan provide scanning solutions for a wide range of professional applications. iMakr provides business & technical support, with lifetime repair services available for all Artec & EinScan 3D scanners purchased with iMakr.

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3D Scanners

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EinScan HX | R.E.D. Bundle


The EinScan HX R.E.D. Bundle is an all-in-one solution for reverse engineering in industrial applications, with exceptional results on reflective and dark objects. The bundle includes the EinScan HX scanner, Geomatic Essential Processing tool, and Solid Edge Software from SHINING 3D. iMakr provides a full 12 month warranty with technical and business support for EinScan solutions. 

EinScan H 3D Scanner


The EinScan H handheld 3D scanner features hybrid structure light technology, combining visible LED light and invisible infrared light, making this scanner ideal for scanning complex objects as well as providing additional comfort scanning faces in fine detail. 

EinScan Pro 2X 2020


The newest addition to the EinScan lineup, the EinScan Pro 2X 2020 handheld scanner is portable, lightweight, and versatile for ultra-high precision results. Ideal for scanning small to medium sized objects with expert precision. iMakr offers 12 months of warranty, with business and technical support included with the purchase of EinScan 3D scanning solutions. 

Einscan Pro HD + Solid Edge Shining3D Edition


The EinScan Pro HD and Solid Edge bundle is the ideal choice for businesses that require a scanner for a diverse range of applications. From small to large & complex objects with metallic surfaces, the EinScan Pro HD achieves incredible detail and accuracy. iMakr offers a 12 month warranty on all EinScan 3D scanners, with training and business support included.