Apium | PEEK 4000 1.75mm 500g

    The PEEK 4000 filament from Apium is a pure PEEK material that offers high strength resistance. The material is defined by the improved layer adhesion it offers, resulting in improved mechanical properties. The Apium PEEK 4000 comes on a spool of 500g with a thickness of 0.175 mm.

    Colour: Natural

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    Pure PEEK Material - Strong Filament For Big Projects

    With the continued cooperation and commitment to providing the highest quality of material, Apium guarantees the purity and dimensional tolerances of all their materials. They focus and develop high-performing materials to fulfil their suitability for FFF 3D printing technology always.

    Apium PEEK 4000

    The Apium PEEK 4000 has an improved layer adhesion and mechanical properties. This material is not a mixture, it is pure PEEK as known from semi-finished products and granulates. The filament achieves better processing results due to this.

    Printing temperature: 360° C

    Applications: Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics

    Key Features:
    • High mechanical strength
    • Excellent heat and flame resistance
    • Resistance to hydrolysis
    • High dielectric strength
    • Low smoke output