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B9Creations - HD Slate

Specifically formulated for printing high-detailed parts with excellent surface finish, HD Slate 3D printing resin from B9Creations is ideal for model-makers and molding.

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iMakr Verdict:
Introducing another premium resin from DLP 3D printing experts B9Creations, HD Slate has been designed with model-makers in mind, where high precision and quality surface finish are major requirements. Featuring excellent readability and capable of printing features down to 100 microns, HD Slate is the go-to resin for bringing out the tiniest details of your designs.

Key Features :
  • 100 μm minimum vertical feature size
  • 250 μm hole size
  • Micro-scale parts
  • Optimized for surface finish
  • No z-bleed

B9Creations HD Slate Resin Print

Compatibility :

HD Slate is compatible with the B9 Core and Med Series printers, as well as third-party machines.

B9 Core 530 B9 Core 550 B9 Med 500
Min. Slice Thickness 20μm 20μm 30μm
Max. Slice Thickness 40μm 40μm 30μm

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