EnvisionTEC | RC Series

    The EnvisionTEC RC Series is a series of highly reliable materials with individual formulas, designed for the users particular needs. The material is tough and offers high resolution printing.

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    The EnvisionTEC RC Series Resins

    The RC Series resins are a line of photosensitive resins containing ceramic particles that produce tough and stiff parts at very high resolutions. The very resistant material can withstand high temperatures and are the best choice for silicone molding, pump housings, blades, test parts for wind tunnels, light reflectors and various automotive applications. The different resins offered in this range can be used for high detail jewellery and animation applications and can be finished with painting or plating.

    Applications: Entertainment, Jewellery, Consumer Goods, Education, Manufacturing

    Material Properties
    DescriptionRC25/ RC30RC31RC70RC90
    Tensile Strength46 MPa35.4 MPa39 MPa38 MPa
    Elongation at Break2.5%2.5%2.9%2.7%
    Flexural Strength102 MPa102 MPa106 MPa104 MPa
    Flexural Modulus3860 MPa3860 MPa3760 MPa3800 MPa
    Izod Impact - Notched0.0016 KJ/m²0.0016 KJ/m²N/AN/A
    Hardness Shore D93.193.1N/AN/A
    Heat Deflection Temperature0.46 MPa at 67° C0.46 MPa at 67° C0.46 MPa at 93° C0.46 MPa at 73° C
    1.81 MPa at 53.6° C0.46 MPa at 53.6° CN/AN/A