iMakr to open new showroom for innovators in East London with Plexal

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iMakr is partnering with London innovation centre, Plexal, to open a new showroom for tech driven businessess and innovators to develop and experience the  latest technology that is 3D printing. 

You're invited to attend our grand opening launch party to celebrate our new showroom!

Where: Plexal, 14 East Bay Lane, London E15 2GW
Date: Tuesday, 13th March
Time: 18:00

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Catering to creative and tech driven entrepreneurs, startups, and academics, Plexal is an innovative community dedicated to finding solutions to transform ideas into reality. So it makes perfect sense why iMakr, a world leading 3D solutions distributor, would partner with Plexal to open up a space for giving innovators  access and opportunity to get up to speed with the latest technology. 

With the intent to provide solutions to a wide range of industries and private consumers, iMakr is installing a variety of 3D printers and scanners into Plexal’s Makers’ Yard. The space is designed to provide makers' possibilities to develop hardware, test ideas and experiment with the latest technology. Some prestigious brands of 3D technology like Tiertime, Shining3D, Wasproject, and Cubicon will be featured in the space.
iMakr will also be helping Plexal’s startup members, corporate clients and the wider community develop their knowledge on 3D printing technology through hands-on workshops and training sessions which you will be able to sign up for on iMakr's or Plexal’s website.

Eric Savant, CEO of iMakr said: “At iMakr, we recognise that the best way to spread innovation is through other innovators, and so partnering with Plexal was a logical choice. We’re looking forward to guiding their members and the other innovators in the HereEast and Hackney Wick community along their 3D printing journeys.”


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