Peopoly Heater for Moai
    • Peopoly Heater for Moai

    Peopoly Heater Module for Moai

    This Heater module for the Peopol Moai is designed to keep the internal chamber over 25C.  It is sensor controlled and comes with its own power supply separate from the Moai printer.

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    iMakr Verdict:

    The Heater module designed for the Moai printer effectively protects the viscosity of any remaining resin in the vat from a cool environment that may effect material adhesion or curing during printing. By keeping the temperature range bewteen 27C-35C, users can alleivate potential errors and maintain consistent and high-quality prints from your Moai printer. The fan remains on while running but when the temperature exceeds 35C, the heating unit turns off. The combination of high-quality Peopoly resins and the Heater module, make achieving consistent smooth prints easy.

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