Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0

The Delta Wasp 3MT has been upgraded to make 3D printing huge models even easier than ever. The Industrial 4.0 line adds new features, such as a touchscreen interface, monitoring camera and a newly designed and improved pellet extrusion system. The Delta Wasp 3MT Industrial 4.0 is available to order with either the pellet extruder or Spitfire filament extruder installed.

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iMakr Verdict:

The Wasp team has focused on ease of use with the new Industrial 4.0 line. Improvements such as WiFi connectivity, touchscreen, platform auto-calibration and a brand new pellet extrusion system now make printing huge parts in a wide variety of materials easier than ever. The Spitfire extruder gives the option to print with greater detail, or take advantage of the lower priced pellet feedstock by using the pellet extruder. One of the features that we love is the Auto-feeder pellet tank. This allows the pellet hopper to be replenished without opening the door of the machine and interrupting the print job.

Key Features:

  • Ø1m x 1m build volume
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Build platform auto-calibration
  • WiFi, USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Newly designed and improved pellet extrusion system
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Monitoring camera
  • Filament and pellet run-out detection
  • Auto-feeder pellet tank. Replenish pellets without opening the door of the machine.
  • Simplify3D Software included
New design pellet extruder DeltaWasp 3MT Pellet Extruder
Auto-feeder pellet tank Deltawasp 3MT Auto-Feeder Tank
Spitfire extruder DeltaWasp 3MT Spitfire Extruder

The 3MT Industrial 4.0 is shipped disassembled and requires assembly on-site.

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
Ø1000mm x 1000mm // Ø39 inch x 39 inch
Layer Thickness / Print Precision
0.100mm (Min)
Nozzle Diameter (mm)
1.2mm Spitfire Extruder // 3mm Pellet Extruder
Printing Speed
200mm/s Max
Filament Diameter (mm)
1.75mm Spitfire Extruder // 2-6mm Pellet size for Pellet Extruder
Printing Temperature
Up to 350°C
Material type
Platform Levelling
2150mm x 2350mm x 3050mm
Heated Platform
Rectified Aluminium - Up to 110°C
File Format
USB, WiFi, Ethernet
Printer Software
Simplify3D, Cura
Software Compatibility
Windows, Mac, Linux
Input Voltage / Power

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