Apium P200

    L'Apium P220 est une imprimante 3D précurseur et établit une nouvelle norme en matière de fabrication additive de polymères haute performance. Imprimez dans des polymères techniques comme le PEEK, le PEI et plus encore.

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    Industrial Additive Manufacturing of Polymers

    The only 3D printer currently capable of printing high-crystallinity PEEK parts, the Apium P220 is an industrial machine which is capable of printing high performance polymers with exceptional accuracy and reliability.

    Key features :

    • Machine size: 850 x 685 x 675mm 
    • Build volume: 205 x 155 x 150mm
    • XY Resolution of 0.0125mm - 0.05mm
    • Full metal hot end up to 540˚C
    • Adaptive Heating System with bed heating up to 160°C
    • Industrial Grade motion components for precision, reliability, and a more stable process

    Apium P220 printing


    Monitored Printing

    Integrated servo motors, temperature sensors and a camera continuously monitor the printing process

    PEEK printed part

    Part Tolerance

    The adaptive heating system adjusts the temperature to ensure minimum shrinkage.

    Carbon fiber part

    Carbon Fibre Printing

    The P220 is the only 3D printer capable of printing carbon fibre reinforced PEEK with up to 30% fibre content.

    Adaptive Heating System

    The patented adaptive heating system directs heat to the areas of the part where it is most needed. This process has the dual benefit of creating a crystallised part, while also improving surface finish and layer bonding - reducing the need for post-process annealing, and maintaining geometry even for small parts.

    For further information and advice on how Apium 3D printers can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our advisors by calling the telephone number at the top of the page, or by clicking the button below and requesting a call-back:

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    3D Printer
    Technologie d'impression
    Volume d'impression L x P x H (mm) // L x P x H (inch)
    205 x 155 x 150 mm
    Diamètre buse (mm)
    65 kg
    Température impression
    PEEK, PEI 9085, POM-C
    Minimum: 0.1mmMaximum: 0.3mm
    XY: Product Resolution: 0.5 mm Machine Resolution: 0.0125 mmZ: Product Resolution: 0.1 mm Machine Resolution: 0.05 mm
    WLAN, Ethernet, Web, USB

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