Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay
  • Delta WASP 2040 Clay

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

Specifically designed and developed for ceramics 3D printing, the Delta WASP 2040 Clay 3D Printer is a fundamental desktop tool for any professional in the ceramics or design industry.

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Achieve beautiful and functional pieces in geometries never before possible with Delta WASP 2040 Clay 

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

iMakr's Verdict

Bringing ceramic 3D printing ready right out of the box, Delta WASP has created a unique and indispensable tool for anyone in the ceramic or materials research industries. Suitable for printing in all ceramic materials, the Delta WASP 2040 Clay creates precise functional and decorative ceramic pieces for any application. With its innovative extrusion system with controlled dosing screw, it controls and removes unwanted air bubbles from your material. Its compact and professional design make for a clean and stable printing process.

Key Features :
  • Integrated air pressure control on the printer
  • New sliding-system on bearings to guarantee excellent stability 
  • Free ZED System for re-printing from a clear starting point 
  • Resurrection System in case of power failure
  • Compatible with a diverse range of ceramic materials
  • Max Layer Resolution: 0.5mm
  • Max Printing Speed: 150 mm/s

Innovative bubble eliminating extruder and extrusion controlling system with retraction option

Dedicated Firmware
that is intuitive yet simple, making it extremely user-friendly 

NEW Sliding-system on bearings to guarantee excellent stability throughout the printing process

Delta WASP 2040 Clay 1

Delta WASP 2040 Clay 2

Delta WASP 2040 Clay 3

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Technologie d'impression
Fluid Deposition
Volume d'impression L x P x H (mm) // L x P x H (inch)
Ø200 x h400 mm
Extrudeuse LDM Wasp :Buse en Acier inoxydable de diamètre 1.2mm
Diamètre buse (mm)
Vitesse d'impression
Max. 150 mm/s
40 kg
Operating Temperature
Utilisation: 20-30°C , Entrepôt 0-30°C
Certification CE pour les subventions industrielles 4.0
Printing Material
Porcelaine, Poterie, Grès, Quinteux, Argile
Operating System
Windows, Mac, Linux
Alimentation électrique industrielle 29V
Slicer Software
Cura / SLic3r / Simplify 3D
File Format
.stl, .obj, .gcode
49 x 44 x 87 cm
Layer resolution
max 0.5mm
Touch screen
Écran LCD
Carte SD
Alimentation d'entrée
220/240 V 50/60 Hz

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