Delta WASP 2040 Pro

    The WASP team builds on the success of the award-winning Standard Delta WASP 2040 by including a host of new features and upgrades. High-speed delta 3D printing just got faster and easier.

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    iMakr's Verdict :
    The hugely popular standard Delta WASP 2040 model has now been upgraded. New features include a speed-boost up to an incredible 500mm/s, a filament run-out sensor and an improved Spitfire extruder and build plate. The new auto-calibration system is a welcome addition and removes the hassle from setting up a print job. These new upgrades and the standard features such as the unique Resurrection system and Suspended Bowden system, combine to make the Delta WASP 2040 Pro an even more attractive entry-point to professional delta 3D printing.

    Key Features :

    • Fast printing speed (500mm/s Max).
    • Filament run-out sensor - The current print job is paused if the printer runs out of filament so more can be loaded.
    • Resurrection system - Print head position data is saved in the event of power loss so that the print can be resumed when power is restored.
    • Free-Z system - Start/re-start a print at a particular height.
    • Aluminium build plate - Upgraded from steel to provide better thermal properties and improve print adhesion.
    • Auto-calibration System.

    Low temperature 0.4mm diameter Spitfire cartridge included as standard. Print higher temperature filaments with the High Temperature cartridge (available separately). LT and HT cartridges are available with nozzle diameters of 0.4mm, 0.7mm and 1.2mm.

    Low Temperature (LT) CartridgePLA, PETG, PMMA, PP
    High Temperature (HT) CartridgeABS, ASA, PA (Nylon), PA-CF (Nylon Carbon Fibre)

    Compatible with the LDM extruder kit for printing ceramic materials.

    Delta WASP 2040

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    Technologie d'impression
    Volume d'impression L x P x H (mm) // L x P x H (inch)
    ⌀200 x 400 // 7.9 x 15.8
    Epaisseur de couches / Précision d'impression
    Diamètre buse (mm)
    0.4mm as standard (0.7mm and 1.2mm optional extras)
    Vitesse d'impression
    500mm/s Max
    Diamètre filament (mm)
    Température impression
    Up to 350°C
    Type de matériau
    LT Cartridge: PLA, PETG, PMMA, PP: HT Cartridge installed: ABS, ASA, PA (Nylon), PA-CF (Nylon Carbon Fibre), PC, HIPS
    Plateforme d'étallonnage
    490mm x 440mm x 870mm
    Fonctionnalité spéciale
    Suspended Bowden, Resurrection System, Free-Z System, Auto-calibration
    Température du plateau
    Rectified Aluminium - Up to 120°C
    File Format
    .stl, .obj, .gcode
    SD Card
    Logiciel imprimante
    Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r
    Système d'exploitation
    Windows, Mac, Linux
    Tension d'entrée / Puissance
    Shipping Dimensions
    650mm x 650mm x 1070mm
    Shipping Weight