Asiga Pro Series

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Featuring cutting-edge imaging technology and large build envelopes, the PRO Series of 3D printers from Asiga offers a range of professional solutions for the Jewellery, Dental and Audiology industries.

All PRO Series printers have the following key features:

  • Single Point Calibration - Calibrate in under 60 seconds
  • Auto Power-Off - Energy saving mode and auto-recovery
  • Environmental Control - Onboard heater for reliable performance
  • Fast Material Change-over - Change materials in less than 30 seconds with no calibration required
  • High Power LEDs - For long term reliability, accuracy and for processing a wide range of materials
  • Open Materials System - Use any Asiga material and any suitable third-party material
  • Remote Access and Control - Streamlined integration into your digital workflow
  • Internal Radiometer - Actively monitors LED intensity during each build to ensure that the correct light exposure is delivered for every layer
  • Smart Positioning System (SPS) Technology
  • Touch Screen Display - For greater user convenience

Composer Software

Asiga Composer Software

  • Automatic support and part placement - For fast build processing and greater user efficiency
  • Build time estimator - Effectively schedule production workflow
  • Multi-stacking included - Maximise Z height usage and build multiple levels of parts
  • Dynamic Part Array - Place parts based on geometry to maximise available build area
  • Load and process multiple builds - Manage multiple builds at the same time in a simple tab based interface

SPS Technology

SPS Technology

The Smart Positioning System (SPS) is a series of positioning encoders that read the exact position of the build platform during each layer approach. This ensures the next layer is only exposed/formed once the build platform target position has been reached.

Each Asiga PRO printer comes with the following accessories:

Calibration Kit

Calibration Kit

Build Tray

1 Litre Build Tray

Flash Curing Unit

Asiga Flash Curing Unit

Asiga Resin

1 Litre Asiga Resin

See how Asiga printers can improve your workflow and increase productivity:

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